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Getting the basics right

Compliance is the bedrock of our services, providing you and your business with the solid foundations on which you can build and prosper, by:

  • Streamlining your organisation
  • Effectively dealing with your accountancy needs
  • Minimising the tax you pay

Whether you’re self-employed, in a partnership, run a limited company, or have what Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) refers to as a ‘personal service company’ and fall within IR35, there are numerous documents and payments that must be submitted to different organisations throughout the year.

Missing deadlines is a costly business, so we make sure you never do, whilst at the same time minimising your tax liabilities.

Each year we review the service levels you require and fix our fees for the year ahead, so you can contact us as often as you need to without incurring extra charges.


Combining an annual fixed fee with ongoing telephone and email support is just the beginning. Contact DSCO now to find out more, then call us on 01920 444900 or fax us 01920 444901 or email us at info@dsco.co.uk

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