Welcome to DSCO

Think of us as your value-added accounting team.

Sure, we are cost-effective Chartered Accountants.  Experts at dealing with your accounts, tax and compliance issues, but we offer you a whole lot more than just that. We call it the “DSCO Seven”:

Building solid foundations

  1. Streamlining your organisation with outstanding bookkeeping, management systems, forecasting and planning
  2. Effectively dealing with your accountancy and compliance needs

Constructing prosperity

  1. Minimising your taxes, whilst remaining compliant
  2. Maintaining and improving your income

Ensuring security

  1. Protecting your family in case of illness or death
  2. Ensuring you enjoy a comfortable retirement

Plus a bonus, just for you

  1. Maximising your leisure time.

We combine your accounts facts and figures with our experience, knowledge and contacts to help you outperform your competitors and maximise the potential of your business.

To explore how the “DSCO Seven” can benefit you and add value to your business,
call us on 01920 444900 or fax us 01920 444901 or email us at info@dsco.co.uk

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