Professional Security Solutions Limited

Professional Security Solutions Limited was formed in October 1998 with the help of DSCO.

Over the last 10 years we have not only grown our business but with the help of DSCO we have expanded, creating an additional two companies, one of which owns the freehold to our offices and 20,000 sq ft of commercial property at Heathrow Airport.

DSCO has been a valuable part of our company success.  Not only do they produce our company accounts and manage our payroll, but they play a very important part in guiding us through difficult times, helping us to achieve our objectives.

We look forward to further growth and are confident that, with the support of DSCO, we will achieve ALL our objectives.

John O’Reilly
Managing Director
PSS Group of Companies

If you’d like to discover how DSCO’s expert team could benefit you and add value to your business, call us now on 01920 444900 or email

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