Keeping your books straight

You can only make the right decisions for you and your business if you have accurate information. We offer bespoke bookkeeping services to all our clients where you can be sure to have all the systems in place that will provide you with timely, accurate and tax-compliant records.

You will also benefit from DSCO’s comprehensive ‘one-stop-shop’ service, enabling you to enjoy a fully integrated service, offering everything from dealing with your basic bookkeeping needs right through to experiencing our enhanced service package.

Good books and records are the foundations of your financial records. Without them, other financial advice is likely to be unreliable and can lead to you taking wrong and costly decisions. Not only will our bookkeeping service help your business succeed but the service is flexible to suit you and your business – we will work remotely or from your premises, if you prefer.

To find out how DSCO Bookkeeping’s services can help you make the right decisions for your business call 01920 444900 or fax us 01920 444901 or email us at

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